Your First Appointment

I am renting space out of Bitner & Associates Law Office. The office is located at 6932 Roper Road. It is at the far left side in the business park on the north side of Roper Road between 50th and 75th streets. Please park in one of the four spots directly in front of the office if at all possible.








Please note, due to severe allergies, the office is a fragrance-free environment.
I also can often offer consults in your home, business, or other private location, for a small additional travel charge.
If neither of these work for your situation or location, we can talk with phone or Skype and email.

What to Bring
If you have a specific question, bring all related documents and information. Also bring your list of questions if you have one.
For a no-obligation initial consult, be prepared to answer questions related to your goals, preferences, and current financial concerns.

How Long Will It Take?
Expect the first appointment to take 30-60 minutes. For the actual services to be completed, it varies depending on your needs and schedule.

What will Happen at the First Appointment
We’ll talk about your most pressing concerns and what you hope to get out of the coaching sessions.
If we seem to be a good fit for each other, there will be some paperwork to review. This includes your personal information and information about me and my business, such as:

  • My privacy and security policy
  • Disclosures about who I work for (you), how I’m compensated, and any       conflict of interests
  • My qualifications and services provided and not provided

Depending how much time is left, I’ll start gathering information from you.
We’ll schedule a time for the next appointment.
You will be given “homework” to work on – additional data gathering, and/or completing more personal information forms, in anticipation of our next session.

After the Appointment
Before I start any work I will give you a letter summarizing our conversation. I will also describe the services I will be providing and provide you a quote for the work. You will need to confirm your acceptance of this.
For a comprehensive financial plan, expect a letter of engagement which can be fairly lengthy. I will describe the nature of our relationship, including services, time-frames, and who will undertake what activities.

Payment Methods
I accept payment in cash, certified cheques, credit card via Square or PayPal, or e-transfer. I’m unable to accept personal cheques in most circumstances.

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