Solutions for the Entrepreneur

The Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur

Let’s be honest. There are days when you wake up and wonder, why the hell did I start a business? I’m never going to have enough clients, or make enough money, or take a vacation ever again.

Why do I bother? I’ll just go get a job again.

But something stops you. Working for someone else sucks. I know it. You know it. Plus you’ve put all this time and effort and money into your business. It wasn’t a whim. Maybe it was a calling. Maybe you researched the absolute best use of your skills, the reason you’re on this planet. People need what you have to give.

Goddammit, you know you’re in it for good. There’s no quitting now. But can you make it easier? More efficient? More profitable? Can you protect your work so that no matter what happens your business empire with survive?

Create More Time and Money for Your Passion

We need each other. My calling is doing puzzles. Didn’t think puzzles could be profitable? Consider it: what do you need? Probably a lot. Different things at different times. Conflicting choices. Life is complex. Business is complex. Add them together and soon you are in the realm of swirling chaos.

I’m weird. I love chaos. Well, I love making sense of chaos. I love saying “chaos”. Anyhow, I learn all about your big picture dreams and needs and desires. And then I analyze all those little swirling bits into a path. I help you balance all those conflicting desires. Together we’ll create a simpler path to obtaining what you want.

Plus, I’m a risk management pro. I want your business to succeed as much as you do. My hobby used to be analyzing all the worst-case scenarios. Now it’s my job! Let’s reduce your risk and increase your success together!

Let’s Get a Coffee and Help Each Other Succeed

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We Need Your Help!

We are always looking to add to our circle of Business Family Friends. Currently we are especially looking to meet:

  • A website designer
  • A property and casualty insurance broker
  • A debt consolidation specialist

We also want your stories. Do you have a successful business? Did you try to start a business and decided it wasn’t for you? Do you balance entrepreneurship with parenting? Do you want to pass along information to new business people?

If any of this sounds like you, please get in touch.