A Team of Two

Big Challenges, Big Rewards

When you got married or moved in together, was it the same as before? Or did you have to adjust your expectations?

Suddenly you have this person to do activities with. You probably wanted to shop for your place together. And you probably had a lot more money coming in than you did before. Did you feel super rich? Like you could finally get everything you wanted – nicer furniture, vacations, a newer car?

It’s fun, isn’t it?

But then there’s the other side – the adjustment. Not many of us have the same vision for how the house is kept, what activities we enjoy, and how money is spent.

With all this money and spending, are you also arguing? Do you suddenly have more debt than you ever intended? And that debt causes stress.

Maybe you also have different ideas about savings, investing, retirement.

You wish you could just convince the other person that your method is the best, but that’s not realistic. What do you do?

How to Obtain Your Freedom Together

When I got married, I sold a house and moved into an apartment with my husband. Suddenly instead of just managing to pay my bills, I could save close to 50%, and had cash in the bank. Early retirement became a real possibility.

But it didn’t go as smoothly as all that. We had different ideas of what to buy, how much to buy, how to invest, how to travel. That marriage ended, but left me wiser.

I’ve researched and thought about all the various ways to combine finances (or not); how to have those difficult conversations; how to make sure both people are getting their needs met.

I’m that neutral third party. If you take the emotions out of it, then you can take a step back, consider your goals, your personalities, and create a path to get where you both want to be.

Whether it’s reducing debt, planning for retirement, or saving for that big purchase, I’ll work with you to develop a strategy that works for both of you.

Let’s Team Up

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Can You Help Out?

I’m looking for your stories. Have you:

  • Helped your partner through an illness or disability?
  • Decided that one of you should quit working?
  • Paid off a ton of debt?
  • Ever been told you are too frugal?

Share your stories with me.