The Hardest Job

You Can’t Do it All

I honestly don’t know how you do it – jobs, kids, housework, plus all those complications that come up in everyone’s life. It’s a constant juggling act – rewarding, terrifying, messy, with never enough time.

Between your work and your kids’ school and activities you are already scheduled to the max. Money management and self-care are so far down the priority list that you do the bare minimum you can get away with. But what that can mean is you are leaving yourself, your partner (if you have one), and your kids vulnerable.

Kids need your time more than they need material possessions. But of course they disagree when all their peers have the newest phone or toy.

You’re worried about their future but you’re too busy dealing with today.

It Takes a Village…

Let me take some of that off your plate. I’ve made sure my schedule is super flexible to accommodate busy people. We can do one thing at a time – what will make the biggest impact on your finances, stress, or future. Or I can do a one-time plan that encompasses all of your future goals. Then it’s done and only needs a bit of future tweaking.

If you’re scared about all the things that might happen, I have solutions for that, too. I love figuring out the best way to protect your family from the unknown.

I can also work with your older kids to help them start on the right track. Usually we don’t like to take advice from relatives. Send them to me instead.

Anywhere, Anytime

When are your kids occupied so you can take a breather?

  • Swimming lessons?
  • McDonald’s play room?
  • Indoor or outdoor playgrounds?
  • During a class?

Tell me where and when you have a few minutes and I will meet you there.

We Need Your Input

I’m not a parent, but I do want to be the best coach possible. If you’ve dealt with any of these situations, please contact me:

  • Getting the disability tax credit for your child
  • Deciding to home school
  • Dealing with a teen who doesn’t want to go to school
  • Managing as a single parent

What else do you wish people knew? Let’s talk about it.