A Big Change

It’s a Big Transition

It’s terrible, isn’t it? All those hopes for the future have been destroyed. There’s guilt, there’s sorrow, there’s PAPERWORK. You know it’s the right choice but you wish it wasn’t. Or you had no choice in the matter at all.

Whether you are separated, divorced, thinking about it, or god forbid, widowed, you’re in a situation you never anticipated. You’re in the middle of analyzing your past, dealing with the complicated present, and figuring out where your future lies.

You’re totally unsettled and don’t know what emotion is going to show up each day, or each hour. But still life continues. You have to cope: continue working, caring for your children, taking care of your responsibilities. Even when you just want to hide in your bed.

The transition is not easy. But you can do it. I know you can. Do you?

I’m Here for You

I’ve been there. If I had known I’d be divorced, I’d never have gotten married to him. Yeah, hindsight. I felt such a failure. How could I be another statistic? I was better than that.

Well, I was better than staying in a situation that was destroying my spirit. Better broke and out than wealthy and miserable. It was no one’s fault. Luckily, my divorce was amicable.

I know many people aren’t so lucky. Do you need help?

I’m a calm, professional listener. Plus, I’m great with details and money management. Let’s talk about it. We’ll talk about what needs doing now. And what your future may look like.

It’s a huge upheaval but I believe there is light at the end for you. There are great things ahead. You can do it. It won’t be immediate but it will be worth it. I can help.

Let’s Talk or Not Talk

I know, sometimes you want to vent. Sometimes you just want to relax and talk about anything else. I’m here for you when you are ready for either.

Help Us Help Others

We are looking for your tips and stories. Have you?

  • Gone through mediation
  • Worked out a child support arrangement
  • Remarried
  • Acquired step-children

If you’d like to share your journey please contact me.