Claim your Freedom

It’s All on You – The Good and the Bad

No one teaches you the little things. They seem to assume that everyone knows how to sign-up for utilities, rent an apartment, use a credit card.

Maybe you took CALM, but was it a joke? Or was it several years ago, and a joke? We go from high school and parents to jobs and post-secondary and relationships, and freedom. Except freedom isn’t that fun. Do you cook at home, do you eat out? How does a laundromat work? Why does life cost so much money?

It takes a while to develop your own style, your own preferences. It’s so easy to make mistakes. And at the time you probably won’t even realize it.

You have so many options, but at the same time, you don’t know all your options.

Get Started Right

I’ve been there. Yes, it’s been a while. But I still remember those days:

My first landlord taught me how to get electricity. I had no idea. I didn’t understand how a chequing account worked.

I ruined my credit for 5 years over a chocolate bar and 20 dollars. I didn’t know any better. I bought a car that I didn’t need and couldn’t afford.

I definitely got lucky. But I could have been an awful lot luckier if I’d had a little guidance or information. At least there’s the internet now, but too much information can be worse than too little.

I have some simple tips that will get you started out right. Let’s talk. What you do now will affect the rest of your life. It’s crucial. Don’t sacrifice your future self.

We Need Your Contribution

A lot of people feel that no one understands their situation. Do you have a story to tell? For example, have you:

  • Moved away from your parents when you were still in high school
  • Got a great scholarship
  • Gone through the student loan process
  • Worked full time while attending school

If you’ve done these things or anything else you’d like to share with others, text me.