About Meena

My life now is better than it has ever been. But maybe that’s not saying much.

My childhood was not the idyllic one that people reminisce about. It was chaotic and difficult. Turning 18 and graduating high school was wonderful. I finally had full rights as a human being. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything.

  • I didn’t understand credit or debt.
  • I didn’t know how to get an apartment.
  • I didn’t have a way to go to university. (Plus I was so embittered about high school that another 4 years was the last thing I wanted.)
  • I didn’t know that I had the right to be with a man who wasn’t abusive.

I was anxious and introverted. I wasn’t assertive. I used sarcasm as a defense mechanism. It wasn’t much of a life.

Eventually, I was able to turn things around. It took about 20 years. Little by little pieces fell into place. I met the right people at the right times. I learned from my mistakes.

  • Don’t take investment advice from someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.
  • Don’t avoid paying your credit card bill, even if it’s only 20 dollars.
  • Don’t buy a car you don’t need.

I studied karate. I bought a house on my own. I learned to distance myself emotionally from my childhood. I learned what a good relationship is and what it isn’t.

At work, I learned that being confident and speaking up, not only gets you noticed, but it’s fun too.

One of the most recent pieces fell into place when I realized that I could be a business owner. It wasn’t something I’d considered before. That was something that other people did. But when I thought about my financial acumen, my interest in teaching, my need for variety, it came together. Someone needs to help young ladies avoid the same money mistakes that I did. If I’m not qualified, then who is?

In 2015 I changed almost everything about my life – my spouse, my job, my province. I became much closer to the person I’m supposed to be.

It’s not easy. I’m learning every day how to be a business owner. I finally got my anxiety under control just last year. But I’m living on my terms. If something should be said, I will say it. I encourage that in other people as well. If you are ready to step up and claim your freedom, I’m here to help you do battle.