How I Help

I provide a wide range of financial planning and money coaching services. This includes creating holistic financial plans that account for all aspects of your life. These always include various scenarios so you can make the choice that is best for you. I also provide ongoing support and monitoring, as long as you require it.

The services I provide include, but are not limited to:

Cash flow management
Budgeting and tracking money

Making spending choices
Decreasing debt
Increasing savings
Managing irregular cash flow
Deciding whether to buy a home

Insurance Services
Creating your personal insurance needs analysis

Helping you ensure you have, or obtain, adequate insurance coverage

Providing education regarding available methods, and their pros and cons

Creating a plan regarding investment vehicles, your required returns, and the effect on your taxes

Education Planning
Creating an education savings plan for you, your spouse, or your children

Tax Planning
Minimization plans for personal taxes

Completing or assisting with tax returns
Teaching you to do your own tax returns

Retirement Planning
Helping you plan for your ideal retirement.

Creating plans for early (or typical-aged) retirement
Analyzing employer pension documents

Estate Planning
Creating a plan to ensure your family members are taken care of in the event of your death

Discussing items typically included in a will

Couples Money Counselling
Methods of managing money with a partner
Considerations for insurance, taxes, and estate planning
Guided pre- and post-marriage/cohabitation discussions

Financial Education for Children and Youth
Helping you create a plan about how and what to teach your kids about money
Providing education for high school and post-secondary students

Life and Health Insurance
I am also licensed as a sole proprietor in the province of Alberta to sell and service life, accident, and sickness insurance policies (including disability, critical illness, etc).


There are a few services I am unable to offer. These include:

Selling home or auto insurance
Selling mutual funds and other investment products, except for segregated funds
Most corporate needs
Writing a will
Tax considerations outside of Canada
Retirement plans for outside of Canada
Being your executor or power of attorney (though I can work with them)

I will do my best to help you find another professional who can assist you with these topics, but I cannot guarantee I can find a suitable referral.

* In Alberta, in order to give advice on specific investment products an adviser must have a securities license. In order to have this license they have to be affiliated with a specific company, and therefore represent their products only. I’ve chosen to remain independent to give you the best unbiased guidance that I can. But this limits my ability to advise on investments.