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Comprehensive Financial Planning The Biggest, Best Option

We’ll start with discussing all your goals and your current situation. I’ll then work with you to create a detailed financial plan addressing all areas of your life. This is a lengthy, intensive process that requires a significant commitment from you. Plan to spend about ten hours talking with me, plus time gathering documents, speaking with other professionals, and implementing your chosen options. The result of all this work is your peace of mind and a complete roadmap for the future. You will find it is well worth the initial time and cost. 

Cost is between 1% to 5% of your household income, plus tax. For more details, see this post. This can be paid in installments with the total amount due prior to presentation of the completed plan.

Time Commitment: Average of 6 months. (Can be between 2 months to 12 months, depending on your circumstances.)

Insurance Needs Analysis

If you are only looking for life and health insurance, an insurance needs analysis is complimentary. We’ll go through all the information about your needs and lifestyle. Then I will propose insurance plan(s) that best fit your needs. As an independent broker I’m not limited to one company. I will do the research for you. As I receive commission for policies started, you do not need to pay me otherwise.
**This service is provided by Meenakshi (Meena) Kestirke. Currently only available for Albertans.**

Couples Money Counseling Package

Are you thinking about getting married, cohabitating, or need help negotiating money with your partner? I offer a special package just for couples. We’ll discuss budgeting, joint money management, and the basics of insurance, estate, and taxation planning for couples. Decide to transition to a full financial plan? You’ll just pay the difference.

Plan on 3 appointments.
Cost: $500 plus tax per couple

Single Topic Consultations

Do you want to talk about a specific situation without doing a full financial plan? I can provide the best advice by looking at your entire life as a whole, but in some situations a single consultation is appropriate. Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs.
Cost: 1/4 of the cost of a comprehensive financial plan

Youth Money Training

Do you have a high school or university student in your life? Are you worried they aren’t starting off on the right foot? I provide one-on-one or small group education for young people. We’ll discuss all the basics of money management, and dispel some of the common myths regarding credit and investing. This course will put them ahead of their peers when they enter college, start their first jobs, or get into serious relationships. If they wish to also implement an comprehensive financial plan, this will be provided at a discounted rate as I’m a avid proponent of financial education for young people.
Cost: $200 plus tax per person (with reductions for more than one student)

Other Services

My standard rate for other and additional services is $80/hour plus tax (including appointments, research, follow-up work).
Travel rate for house calls is $10 per 20 minutes (based on 1-way, normal traffic conditions).

I also offer a variety of seminars and classes. Prices will vary. Please contact me.

Book Your First Complimentary Appointment Online Today and we’ll determine the most appropriate services for you. Or contact me for more information.


About the Pricing

  • All prices subject to change.
  • Prices are guidelines only. Certain projects may be lower or higher priced. You will be provided with a written contract prior to any services being performed.

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